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Construction companies in NJ launched a joint project on a huge three-tower hall

General construction boom is coming to NJ over the upcoming two years. It is promising to have the most memorable consequences.

Maio 10, 2015
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Chinese construction company eye investment opportunities

The latest company to come in the country is Shanxi Sunway International Trade Co-operation renowned for construction of roads, railway lines.

Abril 27, 2013
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A Qatar construction company fires 90 North Korean workers

A Qatari construction company has dismissed 90 North Korean workers as they violated the company’s labor regulations, according to Voice of America.

Março 31, 2012
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Company stops work at construction sites briefly as safety reminder

Turner Construction Company partnered with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to conduct a “Safety Stand-Down” event on Thursday.

Março 27, 2011
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